4 Reasons We Love Chess

Yesterday, July 20th, was International Chess Day! 🎉Chess lovers all over the world celebrate this memorable day in different ways, all with the singular aim of promoting the ancient and amazing game of Chess. Did you celebrate International Chess Day? Well, we did! And in the spirit of celebrating Chess, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why we love Chess.

1. Chess creates a sense of purpose

Chess is a lifetime gift that keeps giving. One of the many gifts of Chess is the sense of purpose it creates in the minds of those who dare to sit at it. Many Chess newbies have made similar claims about Chess helping them deal with self-doubt and imbuing within them a sense of purpose. The benefits of Chess cannot be quantified, from having a knack for scheming and implementing ideas to even creating fantastic social connections. Need I say more?

“Chess opened a lot of doors for me faster than my degrees or acquired skills.”
Abolade Odugbesan

2. Chess is open to all

Over the years, Chess has evolved from being an elitist affair to being the universal game that it is. We can almost confidently say that anyone can try to play and enjoy Chess, irrespective of age, sex, size, or race. Chess does not discriminate, people do – Promoting QueensIt is interesting to note that a lot of women have also made waves in Chess and have made a significant impact on the game today. Some notable names include the Polgar sisters and Hou Yifan. These women have demonstrated that women are also capable of excelling in Chess like men.

3. Chess is thrilling!

Do you know that feeling of eureka after solving a difficult puzzle or completing a daunting task? Such is the joy of winning at Chess, and double even is the pain of losing. Nothing comes close to the thrill of Chess.So in times of wins, enjoy the thrill, and in times of losses, be gracious and learn.

4. Chess is a good way to relax and make connections

On tense days, Chess can be a good way to destress. Whether it’s following the games of top Grandmasters or binging online blitz, Chess has got you covered. It’s a rewarding way to relax and stretch your mind. One other amazing thing about Chess is that Chess players are smart and fun people who can make fantastic friends. But one downside, don’t argue with these Chess heads, you would not win. They’d analyze every flaw in your position till you quit. 😂There you have it, some reasons why we love Chess, but there’s more, and we’d leave that to you. Happy International Chess Day once again!

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