One Month of Free Online Chess Lessons : a Remarkable Journey

Shall we take you down memory lane through our one-month free online chess lessons?

It is a fantastic success story we like to revel in from time to time, and it serves as a plunge and motivator for us to do more.

In June, we commenced the free online chess lessons and were amazed by its success, but with this came some worries for us at Promoting Queens.

Questions like, can we better this maiden edition? Can we improve on the online lessons? What next do we have in our hat of tricks/ innovation?

Decisions decisions!

Let’s digress

While we’ve not had so many activities since the free online chess lessons, our team has been working endlessly and ideating to give off more of this beautiful game to our Queens.

It is also interesting to note that our team lead, WFM Perpetual does not just talk but also walks the walk as she recently participated in the Abu Dhabi chess festival in Dubai showing her mettle against some of the world’s best players.

With her exposure and experience, assuredly our Queens learned from the best, with no compromise on quality. No doubt the value of our online chess sessions was top-notch!

Back to our plot

If you are as curious as many of our followers, you’ll have so many questions about how our training went.

Trust us, we addressed these questions before the commencement of the free online session, and we stayed true to our mission of empowering women through chess. But let’s tell you more.

Recap of our free online training

We had 96 participants enrolled for our free online chess lessons.

The classes spanned daily through June, with some off days for our instructors and participants to unwind.

It was indeed an exciting experience bringing women and girls from different walks of life, religions, tribes, and locations under one virtual platform to share with them the beautiful game of chess.

There were periodic tests/quizzes and test games between the classes. This was our measure for determining our winners and we gave out prizes at the end of the program.

The winners of our free online chess program were decided by their performance on the periodic assessments and tournaments. At the end of the program, we had our winners and they were:

  • Overall winner/ Most improved participant: Divine Igbocheownu (Lagos).
    Divine turned out to be the most improved, from almost zero knowledge of chess to having substantial expertise in just a month. She was awarded with a dazzling brand-new Laptop! Some chess materials and a tech course scholarship.
  • 1st runner-up/ highest assessment scorer: Idala Grace (Port Harcourt).
    Grace was on top of the class with her exceptional performance in the weekly assessments through the program. She was awarded with chess materials and a tech course scholarship.
  • The most inquisitive participant: Eloho Okara (Benin City).
    Eloho showed keen interest and curiosity throughout the program. She was awarded chess materials and a tech course scholarship.

We also awarded merit prizes to some of our outstanding Queens who showed promise and made a good impression and potential for improvement at chess. They include:

  • Best veteran: Favour Deyi (Lagos).
    Our seasoned participant, effortlessly balanced a bustling life as a devoted mother while achieving an outstanding performance in the program. She was awarded chess materials and a tech course scholarship.

Last but not the least,

  • The most talented participant: Ngozi Bianca (Port Harcourt)
    Bianca proved beyond doubt to be the most talented participant and she was honoured with chess materials and a tech course scholarship.

To us, every one of our participants are winners. Turning up daily to learn a game as complex as chess is no small feat, so cheers to all our 96 Queens!

Once prizes were awarded, we officially rounded off our free online lessons.

But what’s next? Don’t worry, there’s more, walk with us. For our next project, we bring to you an online chess club. Details soon, kindly fill out this form to join our waitlist.

We look forward to yet another amazing chess experience with you.

Stay Queenly! ♥

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